Testimonials: Success Stories

  • Ms. Zishan Huang, China



    I am Zishan Huang from Guangxi, 43; a perfectionist. Before I started using Rena, I had a swollen face and under eye bags which seemed to squeeze my eyes into two very thin lines. I’ve tried a lot of different beauty products in an attempt to solve my problems, but none offered a satisfactory solution.
    In 2009 by chance, I was introduced to Rena and found out about their products. The way they praised their products really intrigued me, and out of curiosity I sprayed some of it onto half of my face. To my amazement, within mere minutes, my eye seemed to have undergone an eyelift. So I started using the products religiously as well as drinking 40 drops each day. After half a year, my under eye bags were gone, my eyes seemed brighter, and my face had appeared smaller in size as a result of the tighter skin. My health had undergone some miraculous changes as well, my chronic pharyngitis was pretty severe, with a lot of coughing and inflammation and my choices of food were limited due to the illness. After using the products for a year, my chronic pharyngitis and coughing were gone, and I started enjoying all the food I missed earlier. My husband was against the idea of me using the products in the beginning; he is now convinced that I had made the right choice. He would tell me very often that I am more beautiful than I was ten years ago, which provides me with more self confidence. My husband has started using Rena products in large quantity as well. I would like to sincerely thank American Rena for developing such wonderful products to allow me and my loved ones to enjoy health and happiness!



  • Ms. Hanping Lin, China



    I am Hanping Lin. On August 11th 2009, I purchased my first set of Rena products and started using them after attending a detailed seminar hosted by Dr. Wang. Since my relatives and I started using Rena diligently (15 drops for every morning, afternoon and evening), our health has improved significantly.
    My mother benefitted the most from using Rena. She is 75 years old, and she suffered from conditions such as hypertension, osteoporosis, and asthma that had her hospitalized at least a couple times in her past. Currently, her hypertension is under control, and the dosage of her medication has been reduced from twice a day to once a day. She has not had an asthma attack for two years. The pain caused by her osteoporosis has been significantly lessened. She no longer suffers from pulled hamstring during the middle of the night as well. She used to go to restroom four times a night; nowadays she only needs to go 2 times at the most, and her urine incontinence has been cured as well. The floaters in her eyes have pretty much all disappeared as well.
    As for me, I was easily fatigued and my face always looked swollen before I started using Rena. The doctors told me that my bone density was low and my cholesterol was high. Right now, I no longer feel easily fatigued and my relatives noticed that I seem to have lost weight, even though I did not lose weight at all. My bone density is at the same level as a 25 year-old, and the greatest part for me is that my acquaintances claim that I look at least five years younger, and they have started using Rena because of me.
    During the two years of being a Rena user, I have been rewarded with much more than I had hoped for; I had improved my physical well being, my mental well being, and my spiritual well being! I also earned the gratitude of my family and my friends as they got to know Rena because of me. So I would like to express my gratitude here: Thank you Rena! Thanks to all the scientists and employees working at American Rena! We will try our best to spread the word about Rena, so that more people will be able to benefit from Rena like my family and friends did!



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