From CEO

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am Robert M. Milliken, CEO of American Rena International. On behalf of the entire American Rena team, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation and sincere gratitude for our thousands of supporters from all over the world. Thank you for your continued love and support for American Rena and our products.

Looking back, over the last few years, we have faced challenges and obstacles, weathered good and bad times, and enjoyed successes and happiness. We got through these experiences with confidence and laughter.

We were able to do so because American Rena and our beloved customers share a strong trust, and an unchanging mutual affection. We share this because we have a common goal, a common responsibility, and a common mission.

That is, we want American Rena to achieve global recognition. We want our top notch high-tech products to be dedicated to the entire world. Also, we want health, beauty, and love delivered to every person in need. This goal cannot be achieved solely by the company’s strength, management, or products, nor can it be achieved through products sold. This goal requires our kindness, our sincerity, our tenacious faith, and our tireless efforts and commitment. Of course, our research and development team will continue to use high-tech research and innovative advancements to bring us superior and genuinely effective products, and we will continue to bring these products to the forefront of the market and dedicate them to the world.

At the same time, our company has brand new ideas and plans to improve the management systems so we can join hands with our partners and help each product we develop find more healthy and beauty-pursuing fans.

American Rena is currently working hand in hand with experts in a UNESCO team studying human genetic variation. Together we want to educate everyone in the world and teach them how our comprehensive and balanced mineral supplements will enhance their bodies’ balance and stability, help prolong their lives, and help them build strong physiques.  We want to bring this scientific knowledge to everyone in the world. When we were planning and developing this event, we felt our responsibility is heavy, but through this event we want to help everyone in the world understand that the human body is composed of various "trace elements" and "macroelements," and all of the earth's elements can be found in the human body. All of these elements exist in us; and together, they make life. Therefore, maintaining the balance and stability of these minerals within the human body is of vital importance to maintaining the health of the individual.

American Rena International Corporation obtained numerous medical reports and built a good reputation from Rena’s consumers who have used Rena DNA Essential Element series, functional skin care products and baby products that developed by Renas research team with advanced technology. Currently, we are looking for great distributors all over the world.

American Rena has established an office in China and the Rena high-tech classic product flagship stores are also under preparation.

Additionally, the company has developed brand new management and global marketing programs. In the future, many more experts, scholars, business partners, and loyal customers of American Rena would be invited to visit American Rena’s US Headquarter, research facilities, and factories. They will be able to not only visit us, but also communicate with us and attend our training sessions and classes. Through this we will strengthen each other’s understanding and trust, and lay a solid foundation for future cooperation.

With the great support from experts, scholars and loyal customers of all circles in the world, American Rena International Corporation will continue to make use of its advantage in industrial development, keep bringing top-level high-tech health products to people worldwide , try to make our brand an international golden brand, and help more and more people achieve a healthy, beautiful, wealthy and happy life!

Thank you!

Robert M Milliken

CEO: Robert M Milliken

American Rena International Corporation