About Us

A Brief Introduction to American Rena International Corp

American Rena International Corporation is a premier research based manufacturer of medical, health, beauty, and skincare products. It is headquartered in downtown Los Angeles, California, in the tallest building in the Golden State. Backed by strong research and development capability and advanced production technology, we advocate the mission of “love others as thyself”. We strive to be the leader in the natural supplements and skincare and beauty products industry.

American Rena International Corporation is committed to the science of human life, health, and beauty.  Dr. Linus Pauling, winner of Nobel Peace Prize and Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and a professor at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), once said, “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

With that in mind, a number of famous life science experts and scholars in the Research and Development Center of American Rena International Corporation focused their attention on comprehensive and balanced supplementation of DNA essential elements needed for balancing and stabilizing the human body’s internal environment. They spent many decades researching before finally making two key breakthroughs in the development and application of far-infrared liquid technology and consumable mineral nutrients. The first breakthrough was the utilization of the non-thermal biological effects of the natural mineral ion technology to develop the “Rena Activation Energy”  technology. This created a new chapter in the application of far-infrared technology. The other innovation by  our Research and Development Center with major applications was the “Acitivation Energy Serum.” The researchers were able to innovatively and organically combine nanotechnology and polymerase chain reaction after overcoming multiple obstacles. This advancement paves the way for new approaches in the application of “gold standard” healthcare and medical treatment.

The product that resulted, “DNA Essential Elements” also called “Activation Energy Serum”, uses all natural minerals as its primary ingredients. It is a top-notch, high-tech genetic health product that can resolve health problems, aging problems and illnesses caused by damages to the DNA chain due to deficiency of elements. These damages including: distortion, fracture, miscoding, and loss in DNA structural sequence. Rena Activation Energy Serum helps stabilize and balance the elements in the body’s internal environment.  Rena Activation Energy Serum is superb in the medical, health, self-care, anti-aging, and beauty industries. Additionally, it has won worldwide recognition in biomedical, medical, and health and beauty industries.

For American Rena International Corporation, a company, dedicated to all-natural, high-tech products over the years, year 2014 holds historical significance. Following the launch of the Rena Activation Energy Serum of perfect quality, American Rena International Corporation is proud to introduce the premiere launch of Dr. Edward and his research team’s newest anti-aging skincare series. Dr. Edward is a world renowned formulator, scientist, skin expert, and this anti-aging skincare series is the result of eight years of painstaking research and development. Based on principles of genetics and stem cell extraction technology, it is developed by extracting the original regenerative essence from all-natural undifferentiated cells of rare and precious plants.  This unprecedented feat of biochemical advancement was the first time the global anti-aging industry has used such exclusive technology and method. Rena’s new generation of product, Rena Ageless Elixir, was born. It has anti-aging, regeneration, anti-wrinkle, whitening, moisturizing and skin softening effects all included in this one anti-aging product.

American Rena International Corporation’s production plant is operated under the US FDA standard and has established cGMP compliant production lines. It has been issued FDA food, drug, and special-effect cosmetic production certificates and licenses. The company is a leading player in the global market with its good faith established by high technology, high quality and perfect products “speaking for themselves”. The products developed comes in different formulas are exported to countries around the world. These products are available at brand counters in major department stores, medical institutions, and other popular beauty organizations, and they are loved by fans from all walks of life.

American Rena International Corporation’s R&D team, through its unrelenting efforts, has successfully developed a number of top notch high-tech products with ideal effect, and these products can be expected to be introduced to the market soon.