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American Rena International Corporation filed lawsuit against former member KiK Lin (Chih Lin)


On January 28, 2013, the Los Angeles Superior Court issued its judgment in American Rena International Corporation’s lawsuit against former member Kiki Lin (Chih Lin) for trademark infringement, unfair competition, and false description.  Rena is pleased to report that after nearly two years of proceedings that included depositions, hearings and trial, the Court issued a tentative judgment that found Ms. Lin liable for trademark infringement for selling counterfeit products, and further found Ms. Lin’s trademark infringement to have been willful.  The Court awarded Rena the amount of USD $553,913.00, plus costs and attorney’s fees.  A final judgment has now been entered on the Court’s tentative judgment.

The Court found Ms. Lin liable for having willfully and illegally infringed Rena’s protected trademarks by selling counterfeit RENA products and causing a likelihood of confusion in the marketplace.  The Court stated that Lin “purchased unusually large quantities of RENA products, including through aliases;” then “purchased large quantities of bottles” directly from Rena’s bottle supplier; “filled or caused those bottles to be filled” with diluted Rena product; obtained and affixed counterfeit Rena labels to those bottles; and then sold her finished “counterfeit RENA ‘Activation Energy Serum’ products” in the marketplace through websites and online, video and print advertisements, “purporting without authorization to be Rena in order to further these counterfeit sales.”  

The Court further found that Ms. Lin continued her illegal activity despite her knowledge that it was wrong, which eventually resulted in the termination of her membership and that although it was Ms. Lin’s own infringement that gave rise to the termination of her membership privileges, Ms. Lin responded to the termination of her Rena membership by filing a lawsuit against Rena.  In its decision, the Court found Ms. Lin’s lawsuit “frivolous.”  The Court’s January 28, 2013 judgment will require Ms. Lin to disgorge what the court found to be illegal profits – USD $553,913.00 - to Rena, in addition to paying Rena’s costs and attorneys’ fees.  Rena is filing a motion with the Court to fix the amount of the costs and fees that Ms. Lin will have to pay.

Rena is currently represented by Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP, the largest law firm in the United States devoted solely to litigation, and one of the most successful.  Rena will continually provide updates regarding this litigation. Thank you for your concern.  We would like to remind consumers to beware of counterfeit products; they can be harmful to your health.