What does RENA stand for?

RENA is an abbreviation for “Return to Nature”. When it comes to research and development, American Rena International Corporation puts an emphasis on using natural ingredients and avoids using anything that is potentially harmful to the human body, such as stimulants and other toxins. We are dedicated to creating products that are truly beneficial to mankind; this is the spirit behind our name——RENA.

Rena advocates “pinpointing the cause and replenishing scientifically” —what does this mean?

Rena urges consumers to do diligent research to have a full understanding of the reasons that lead to sub-health and illnesses prior to starting mineral elemental nutrients supplementation. Rena recommends doing this before symptoms start showing and illnesses are already manifested.

Some say that “all medicines are poison”, because diseases cannot be totally cured by taking medicine. While some drugs act as the defense to fight “harmful bacteria”, it also has a serious damaging effect on the "beneficial bacteria" within the body. Although the symptoms are relieved, the body is not completely cured. This has negative side effects because the loss of the “beneficial bacteria” makes it difficult for our body to regenerate new ones, and can even cause rejection or dependency on drugs. In order to stay healthy one should adhere to finding the correct cause and choosing scientifically approved, natural, and nontoxic products as a remedy.

How does Rena live up to the guiding philosophy of “loving others as you love yourself”?

The most beloved ones of a person are oneself, and the closest relatives and friends. With regards to each of the products developed and placed on the market by Rena, during research and development we take the human body’s every need into consideration. Everyone within the corporation (upper management, researchers, developers, staff, product planners, designers, translators, editors, graphic specialists, etc.) and their loved ones are all loyal fans of Rena products. We do not rush out our products for profits; instead we introduce our products to our loved ones so that they can experience the best.  We hope to extend their positive experience to all our customers as well. All Rena products are insured by a U.S. insurance company for millions of dollars. U.S. insurance companies will not insure an applicant without an extensive background check, thorough survey of all relevant documents, and comprehensive evaluation of the products quality; most do not accept high-risk applicants for lucrative premiums. 

My experience with Rena products has been really amazing, but why am I not seeing different types of products from Rena?

It would be easy for our company with its R&D and manufacturing capabilities to produce thousands of different products. However, American Rena International Corporation believes in the principle - “One shall love others as oneself”. We only introduce products that have undergone the most thorough research and withstood the most careful scrutiny from Rena’s experts.  We solemnly declare that every product from Rena will be the best there is because we live up to the Moto that keeps motivating us to bring out the highest quality products – “Let the products speak for themselves.”